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Fri Aug 8 20:56:14 2008 UTC (14 years, 10 months ago) by anton
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CVS tags: v0-7-0, HEAD
Updated Agenda
Now lib.fs selects libffi.fs or fflib.fs based on a configure test
compat/execute-parsing bugfix
fixed some documentation bugs (reported by Jakob Sievers)

version-specific info installation?

html, ps, and pdf installation

Unfinished functionality:

 Conversion on I/O
 Up-to-date with latest proposal version?

 C interface:
 precompiled interface libraries
 library words in images
 structs etc.
 oldlib words should be compatible or named differently (Bernd)

 make it work again
 make it work on most platforms

 regexp.fs: add documentation (Bernd)

 complex.fs, fft.fs: add documentation.  Add stack comments! (Bernd)

 profile.fs: complete, add documentation

 amd64 assembler

 regression tests for single-step debugger (Bernd)

   2005-09-27  Bernd Paysan <>
	* complex.fs, fft.fs, prim, wf.fs,
	Added some floating point primitives
   Which ones?  Should they be documented?

Windows-Port (FP bugs dank gcc-2.95)

Command-line editing

FreeBSD-CVSweb <>