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 Authors of Gforth:  Authors of Gforth (alphabetically listed, format as Linux CREDITS):
 Anton Ertl      anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at  N: Anton Ertl
 Bernd Paysan    bernd.paysan@gmx.de  E: anton@mips.complang.tuwien.ac.at
 Jens Wilke      wilke@jwdt.com  D: Project initiator, C based primitives, locals, gray, manual
   D: Release manager
   N: Neal Crook
   E: neal@pinga.free-online.co.uk
   D: manual, glossary entries
   N: Bernd Paysan
   E: bernd.paysan@gmx.de
   D: Project leader, kernel, cross compiler, non-Unix ports based on GCC
   S: Stockmannstr. 14
   S: D-81477 München
   S: Germany
   P: 1024/382CA8ED 1C 0D 4D 0C 69 00 40 1E  04 BD 96 A3 7B DF 05 B1
   N: Jens Wilke
   E: wilke@jwdt.com
   D: Embedded Control versions (non-gcc), cross compiler refinement

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