Viper Racing Career Car Setups

Viper Racing Career Car Setups

On this page you find the car setups I used for the fully equiped Viper in Viper Racing (i.e., in the GT class). These setups can probably be improved, and some people can probably get 10% faster times than I have, but for others these setups may be a good start or at least an interesting reference.

Some of these setups may also be ok for earlier seasons and for non-career driving (e.g., I tried my Silverdale setup in non-career mode, and it was ok), with only a gearing change needed, but for others you have to change the spoiler setup, which may have major repercussions, not to mention the absence of some setup options in earlier career play.

With these setups the car usually understeers, which makes it easier to drive. However, in some situations, in particular in hollows, the front appears to get caught, and the car oversteers; to counteract that, I employ less throttle and/or less steering in those places. I have also set the brake balance on some courses to 60:40 (-10F) to encourage oversteering (very nice in the switchbacks on Sunset Mesa); this effect is maximal right before all wheels lock, so you can control it by braking more or less in different places.

Here are the times I have achieved with these settings:

Course         Filename Lap time #laps Race time
Dundas          dundas   1:31.02   8   12:38.51
Rock Island     kenyon   1:27.56   8   12:13.37
Silverdale      uptown     53.79  12   11:10.47
Sunset Mesa     nfield   1:59.27   5   10:16.75
Sunset Mesa rev nfield   1:57.87   8   16:22.59
Ridge Valley    hastings 1:24.00   8   11:25.68
Castlegreen     heaven   1:14.60   8   10:26.39
Dayton          limbo      54.54  12   11:06.78
Bemidji		bemidji    30.73  16    8:26.73
The HTML files contain the German names for various settings. Look at the HTML files of your own setups directory (...\sierra\Viper Racing\Config\setups) to see the corresponding names in your language.

I you want all the setups, fetch setups.zips. If you don't want to input the setups manually, you can overwrite your current setups in your setups directory with my setups (I think this will also override your "saved" setups, so make a backup first).


Anton Ertl
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[   ]dundas.csu18-Oct-2002 23:27 212  
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[   ]heaven.csu20-Oct-2002 20:14 212  
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[   ]kenyon.csu20-Oct-2002 20:22 212  
[TXT]kenyon.html20-Oct-2002 20:22 1.5K 
[   ]kenyon.set20-Oct-2002 20:22 1.7K 
[   ]limbo.csu20-Oct-2002 19:57 212  
[TXT]limbo.html20-Oct-2002 19:57 1.5K 
[   ]limbo.set20-Oct-2002 19:57 1.7K 
[   ]nfield.csu20-Oct-2002 20:07 212  
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