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This is a package that allows replacing the hand-written interpreter
of Python with one written using the interpreter generator Vmgen
<>.  This does not have a
real benefit at the moment (the result is neither faster nor smaller
than the original), but it may be interesting as an example of Vmgen
use (and some techniques that are not well-supported by Vmgen), and as
a starting point for further work.

This README file was written by Anton Ertl.  The rest of this work was
performed by Michal Revucky.  You find some more remarks by him in the
file DOC.


This was tested and worked (mostly, 34 tests or so failed) with
revision 66699 of Python release25-maint.  You need Gforth-0.6.2 (or
later) installed in your path, and also svn.

Now type:
svn co
cp ceval.c ceval.h release25-maint/Python/
cp ceval.c ceval.h vm-ceval_1-vm.i release25-maint/Python/
cp opcode.h release25-maint/Include/
cd release25-maint/

Now you can build Python as usual:

./configure && make

And you have a Python with a Vmgen-based interpreter.

- anton