Data visualization in Postscript

I produce the graphs that visualize quantitative information in my papers by writing encapsulated Postscript (EPS) files with an editor. This is relatively easy once you have some templates to work from, so here are some of the files I have produced. You can see them as picture and as program text on this page. If you use RGB colours, take a look at this RGB colour chart on different output devices (they usually come out differently).

Some tips

Always store everything needed to get the data somewhere; you may need to reproduce it later, e.g., in order to trace why some newer experiment gives unexpected results. Among other things, you need to remember what exactly you were measuring to get the results, and what the results are. Sometimes a good place to remember these things is the actual .eps file; e.g., put the command lines that produced the results in comments, and put the output there, too, commenting out unneeded data or unselecting it programmatically (e.g., with median-of-3).
Anton Ertl