ASUS P10S-C/4L woes

In June 2018, we bought an ASUS P10S-C/4L board, 2x4GB of ECC RAM, and a Pentium G4560 to build an NFS server. We found a number of nasty surprises:
Only two SATA sockets
The board supposedly supports 6 SATA connections, but 4 of them are provided through a "Mini SAS HD" connector, and you have to buy a special Mini-SAS-HD->4xSATA cable (~EUR 20) to actually connect more than two drives.
When we started the system, it hung, displaying code 62.
Thanks to this posting, we found out that the BIOS on the board is too old for our CPU (which had been on sale for 18 months). So we bought a Celeron G3900 (EUR 36), which allowed us to upgrade the BIOS, and we upgraded it to version 4402.
With the latest BIOS (4402), the Pentium G4560 hung
This time it just beeped three times at the start, and after about 30s, the red CATTERR1 LED lit up.
So we tried BIOS 3104
This is the BIOS version shown as supporting the Pentium G4560 in the hardware compatibility list. And with that BIOS version, the Pentium G4560 worked (the Celeron G3900 worked with all three BIOS versions). Note that this BIOS versions does not contain any Spectre workarounds. This is not important for our NFS server (and I think that Linux gives us the microcode with the workarounds anyway), but if your server needs these workarounds, this is an issue to consider.

Anton Ertl