Guidelines for Submission to the Net Book of Plots

The Net Book of Plots contains everything from one-line plot suggestions to full blown scenarios. All genres welcome but write-ups would be more use if not confined to a particular product. Anything considered though especially where "genre" the represented by only one product anyway (eg CoC). The more original the material, the better.

Copyright and Trademarks

Please avoid use of anyone's trademarks or copyrighted material. All such references will be deleted. The exception is that authors may place their own copyright notice on their text. In very detailed scenarios, some authors have included NPC descriptions in the past. By all means do so but please try to use generic terms for them. A plot seldom depends on exactly specified NPC charactistics. I have permission from Steffan O'Sullivan to use FUDGE terms for skills and attributes if you so wish, ie.

For example Bogbur The Fat might be Head-breaking Good, Wind-Breaking Superb, Sprinting Terrible, etc. It should be pretty straightforward to convert these terms to game-specific mechanics (if you arent using FUDGE).


All plots must be submitted in plain ascii text, in something resembling English. Each plot MUST have a title, even one-liners. Include author's name and email address. It greatly assists me if plots are spell-checked but I will happily accept plots from authors uncertain of their English grammar and spelling.

If you want to save me time then take a look at the description of the tags. You don't have to use them but they can give you a general idea how to format your text. (The description is also available as plain ASCII text and comes with every plot book.


Send your plots to no-valid-email in plain ASCII including a title. A new volume is generally done every year.

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