On the Road you meet... The question

Author: Phil Scadden <P.Scadden@gns.cri.nz> Chuck
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Any
Setting: Road

The Plot

Some time back on the net, Chuck asked the question: " The party in a fantasy campaign is travelling on a major road between two large cities. The distance between cities is 10 days on horseback. My question is, what could they possibly meet on the road? The few ideas I've come up with.

  1. Caravans. Small, medium, and large. I don't know if they would stop for any traveller or not.
  2. A man galloping fast on horseback (he is a messenger).
  3. A guard patrol, who would look at the adventurers, and perhaps ask them questions.
Any other ideas? - Chuck"

Well the net did indeed have some ideas. Some longer responses have been included in the main section of the book - but here is a collection of shorter responses.

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