Temple Raid

Author: Wayne J. Rasmussen. <wjr@netcom.com>
Length: Long
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Affliction
Setting: Building

The Plot

Suggested requirements: This adventure is for a group of thieves of low-mid level.

Scenario Description: An evil god of thieves demands a sacrifice of a thief to satisfy his needs. He would desire a non-guild thief, but, any thief will do. The clerics of this god are trying to find a thief/thieves to sacrifice. One of the higher level clerics is attempting to get the PCs into the temple by pretending to be a thief and stating he has knowledge of rich treasure within it.

Places in the scenario: Temple of Stoth: A large building with several towers. There are guards below and apparently none on the outside or at the upper floors of the tower.

NPCs in the scenario: Matar: Male Human Cleric, Medium level, good leather amour, Gauntlets of climbing, Ring of feather falling, Platinum ring set with an opal, necklace of gold and jewels worth 5000gp+, silver bracelet with turquoise setting, Magical silver lock picks which add +5% of all thieving skills. All his pouches have material components for clerical spells. He will have at least two hold person spells and one dispell magic spell memorised.

Stoth: god of thieves- Purpose: to control all Thief related activity. This is not lawful, this is a selfish power hungry god who doesn't care who he steps on! He sees crime as anti-law. Notes: Thieves guilds which pay dues are left alone. In those guilds which pay, many members are also worshipers. Guilds which don't pay are considered enemies. Non-guild thieves which are not worshippers are enemies. Enemies are to be "converted" or removed from the business. Almost all member guilds have clerics in them, who control or manipulate the guild. The clerics have some thief skills as well as normal clerical spells, but, they are limited to thieves weapons and armour. Occasionally, Stoth (his clerics) demand a sacrifice of enemy thieves.

New Items: Magic lock picks: Giving to loyal clerics of Stoth who have performed a remarkable act of thieving. They add 5% to all thieving skills.

The Adventure: PC Thieves find an NPC Thief (Matar) who wants to raid/burglarise a temple of Stoth (a nasty god of thieves). They will meet him in any of a variety of places: a bar, the guild headquarters, adventuring, etc. They have been targeted for sacrifice. He tries to enlist the aid of the group by speaking of great riches and magic items!

WHAT COULD HAPPEN Possible actions:

* 1 *

      *   .    *  KEY:
      *   .    *  *  = Stone Wall
      *   .    *  .. = Heat Trail
      *   .    *  M  = Magic User
      *   .    *  C  = Cleric
*******   .    *******  F  = Fighter
*  M  >   .    <  T  *  T  = Thief
*  C  <........>  C  *  -- = Balcony Ledge
*  C  >        <  C  *  >
*  T  <        >  F  *  <  = Curtain/Tapestry
*******        *******  >
      *        *
      *        *
      *        *
 ******        ******
 *                  *
 *     Balcony      *

If the group goes with him, Matar will insist the group not go through the from doors as they are guarded. He will recommend climbing the walls up to any of the balconies which are on the upper levels. He will claim the riches are kept up there. The guards/clerics will notice Matar's movement and will be waiting the groups arrival at a balcony. Matar will not be the first person to the top of the balcony, unless the group insists. The first person to reach the balcony will sees the heat trail(s) (if he has infravision) upon entering the first hallway, which is dimly lit by candles, he will see heat trails which led to two tapestries. One is on the left side of the hallway, while the other is on the right side. Behind these there is Stoth worshipper's "sacrificial welcoming committee". They will attack to capture the characters using magic, lasso, and subdual damage. The should get surprise on the PCs unless the see the heat trails. Other guards/clerics will arrive if the combat last a long time. The PCs should concern themselves with escape. Methods of Escape:

  1. Climb back down the wall they came up on. This will be the easiest method to escape. They will have a free round of climbing if they run immediately (they do no other actions) upon seeing the heat trails. If they don't see the heat trails tough luck. At the bottom of the wall below the balcony a glyph will have been placed after they reached the balcony by a cleric. The glyph is a paralysing glyph. Saving Throw negates the effect. They will be pursued for at least 12 turns. The clerics may use find the path to get them.
  2. Attack and defeat the welcoming committee, and escape by racing through the maze of the temple. This should not be easy because of their unfamiliarity and the hosts familiarity. This is stupidity on the players part, but, who knows, they might get lucky.
  3. Magic might work. Teleportation or other device such as flying. The PC should not go to any place public to hide because they will be found. The clerics have watched them for some time and know their usual public hangouts. Same goes for their homes. If the PCs have several safe houses which are not guild related, they might get away with it. Hanging out at a good aligned temple will protect them from the clerics for sure. Other will depend on the relationship between all those involved.

If the PCs escape there is a chance that one of their other plans will succeed in getting them a thief. The chance is 1-5 on a D6 that the players will be left alone. If a 6 is rolled, the clerics will summon a demon to grab a PC and return with it alive to the temple. The demon can't enter any good temple, or within 200 feet of the alter of a non-evil god.

All those thieves who do not escape will be killed that night! Other classed characters which might somehow be with will be quested to act as a guard for the temple. This quest will last as long as if the player was charmed, but, at -2 on his intelligence. At the end of this time the may leave.

* 2 *
If the PCs won't come with him, he will break down and cry. He will claim that he was quested by a good aligned cleric to get back a magical holy item from the evil temple. He has tried, but, can't get past a trick lock mechanism on a sliding metal door. The door has a lock on both sides which must be picked at the same time. The locks reset if the door isn't open or the other lock isn't unlocked immediately. He needs at least one other thief to help him. He is willing to let the thief have any and all treasure found inside except the item he needs. If the PCs buy this, goto to #1 above. If they don't buy this, goto #3 below.
* 3 *
Earlier in the evening/day, a thief picked pockets on a non-thief PC in the group. The thief (Matar) will now show the thieves this item. They will recognise the item as belonging to the character. Matar will tell them to come with him and raid the temple or this person will suffer dearly. The character, has not been really kidnapped for fear of provoking what ever guild might represent that PC's class. If they buy this goto #1 above. If the PC's threaten Matar back, he can be convinced to take the characters to where the PC is. This is Another trap. If they PC's fail to get involved, the clerics will react as follows. Roll 1d8 1. Nothing. 2. The next time any of the players commit a theft within the city. The city guard will get tipped off and the PC will get arrested. 3. The temple will send clerics and thieves to rip off the players homes while they are adventuring in or out of town. This will happen as long as the PCs are in town or they join the Temple or one high priest of the church is killed by any means. 4.Rumours will be spread around the city which will caused people not to trust them or take their eyes off their activities. The guards will search their Homes whenever a crime is reported, Merchants will be extra careful around them, etc. Good deeds performed by the PCs will reduce this. 5. The clerics will ask the PCs to join the church of Stoth. If they accept, great. If not, roll again. 6. The church of Stoth will hire assassins to kill the PCs. One attempt only. 7. The PCs will find a map detailing a wizards keep and its defences. The map will be correct, but, the magical defences will be wrong in a very bad way. 8. Problems with the Thieves guild. If the PCs are members roll 1d4)
  1. Money is stolen from the guild, PCs help search for it. The money is found in their home(s).
  2. Another Thieves guild has started up. PCs must decide which guild they will support. The church will really support the guild which the PCs are not a part of.
  3. A guild member joins the group for a city adventure. During the adventure, someone they encounter is killed. They guild is under pressure to give the city the killers. The PCs are given over. They have a chance to prove themselves. The guild member belongs to the church.
  4. PCs are ordered on a mission which, unknown to the guild leaders is a trap.

If the PCs are not members of the guild they will be offered to join, stop thief activities in town, or leave.

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