Honor Among Thieves

Author: Wayne J. Rasmussen. <wjr@netcom.com>
Length: Long
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Intrigue
Setting: Urban, Town

The Plot

This is a short adventure for a group of low level PCs. There should be at least one mage, one rogue, and one cleric in the party. The adventure takes place in the small town/village of Hartthorn.

Scenario Description: A halfling thief named Freebag, was once a trusted member of a thieves guild. Then one day he stole a very large sum of money from the guild. He is currently in the process of leaving the area where the guild operates. In a village to the east (Dar-Town is its name) Freebag spent a night in a safe house. While there he heard of about a wizard who was selling a magic item in Hartthorn. Since Hartthorn is a growing town and has no guild (the local leader is very strict on thieves) Freebag decided to go there. Besides, it gets him farther away from the guild. Freebag meets a small group of halfling fighters and merchants on the way which let him travel with them. Mostly due to racial trust reasons. He arrives at Fred's in Hartthorn at start of this adventure.

While Freebag was making good his escape, the guild didn't stand idle. Using some of their special methods they have placed the rumour about a magic item for sale in Hartthorn knowing if Freebag heard the rumour he would go after it. They have done several things like this in all areas out around the guilds area of operation. They not sure of his whereabouts, but, need time to get agents into position. A group of these agents arrived in Hartthorn several days ago. With the agents are two guild members who know Freebag. They will identify Freebag and stay out of his sight while the other agents do their plan.

The plan is to get the money back by counter-ripoff. Due to the local political situation, the agents do not want to incur the wrath of the local leader. They want to get the money back peacefully. The rumour is that a MU is selling a Girdle of Storm Giant Strength for 4000GP. Interested buyers are to contact a man named Logard at Fred's. The agents will recover most of the money and let Freebag go. If forced to, they will use violent means to recover the money. Players could disrupt this plan....

Players don't hear the rumor, *THIS IS IMPORTANT*, but, overhear the conversation between Logard and Freebag. If they players decide not to get involved the events still happen, but, the PCs go on their way. It is nice to have some adventures which the players decide whether or not to get involved with. In my game, they didn't pursue them the first time this was run. I expected the thieves to act as thieves, instead they just hung around waiting for the GM to lay an adventure in their lap.

PLACES IN TOWN used in this adventure: Hartthorn Inn: Nice inn, average costs, there is a room for gambling, individual rooms and a dinning room with the best local food (very good and some unusual local items.)

Hastings Inn: Poor inn, average costs - substandard rooms, some low life types in here. Especially the owner! He is an evil low level mage. Hartthorn was built over the remains of an enemy fort (wooden fortress) which was destroy in a war 150 years ago. The leaders of the winning army were forewarned not to explore the underground area beneath the fortress. A few years ago, while digging a large wine cellar, the owner discovered at passage into the area beneath the fortress. He now charges 1SP or more to let adventures adventure within. The local leader knows about this but is not concerned.

Ki Rin House: Part of a chain of fine inns and hotels which all go by this name. This place is two story building, continual lights surround the entire building and very experienced guards patrol inside and out. Customers are searched going in and weapons are checked in and locked up. The all doors to all rooms are in view of each other. Frequented by merchants, mages, and anyone who can afford the stay (1GP per night at least, meals 1-5 gp). The are mostly good sorts here. The owner and his wife are powerful in their class. Thieves would best stay away from here! The owner pulls in a good 120 GP to 200 GP per day here.

Fred's: In my world, Fred is a god of drinking/pleasure. Many go here to drink and have a good time. Fred was used in several games throughout the U.S military in the 70's.

Stable: Good stable, excellent horses for sale!

NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS in this adventure: Freebag male 1/2ling thief, suberb dexterity, leather amour, foil, dagger, +1 cloak of protection. Member of the Guild gone bad. Stole from the Guild and is on the run. He is greedy and loves to flash his wealth around. He will buy women drinks and try to seduce them. He gambles heavily. He is staying at the Hartthorn Inn.

****The Guild's Agents**** Leader

Logard male Human Fighter, powerful, nasty, chainmail, long sword- (2xspecialization with Long sword), dagger, longbow, lance, 1 magic potion perhaps

Melitiak Male Human Magic User, say 5 spells available and a magic item

Xilia female 1/2elf Thief moderately good, magic weapon

Trank male elf Thief moderately good, magical leather armor and a weapon

Eifpak male human Cleric. Good. Plate & sh, Potion of powerful healing

GoMoku Male Human Thief, newbie, Potion of powerful healing.

****End of Guild's Agents****

The Adventure:

A group of 1/2lings arrive in town. Most are fighters, but one is a thief (Freebag is his name) who has stolen mob money. One of the party members thieves sees this halfling spending platinum and gold at Fred's. He is buying a man (Logard is his name) drinks and is talking to him. Freebag gets information about a magic item for sale (if the players overhear, don't tell them what type of item unless they are reluctant to do anything). Freebag tips Logard with 10PP and leaves. A woman (Xilia is her name) talks with Logard for a few seconds then leaves Fred's while Logard stays and enjoys Fred's.

Freebag goes to the Ki Rin house to buy a girdle of Storm giant strength which he heard was for sale. The halfling will be negotiating with a mu (Melitiak by name) to by a magic item from him (Melitiak is actually a member of The Guild trying to get the money back peacefully by counter-ripoff). The halfling states he must go to his hiding spot to get the large sum of money being asked for the magic item(4000GP). The two agree to meet back at the Ki Rin house in 24 hours. This should give the party plenty of time to ripoff Freebag. The hiding spot is in his room at the Hartthorn inn. The guild didn't know what room he is in and they don't want to do anything that might look like active thieving if they did. This could put legal/political pressure on the guild.

WHAT COULD HAPPEN Possible actions:

* 1 *
If the party rips-off the halfling Thief, The halfling's body will be found in two days in his room murdered (Large lumps on his head are found and his wrists are rope burned. His throat was slit). With the mob money is evidence letting the group know that this money belongs to a major thieves guild (Insert Guild name here!). The mob money totals 4500GP (11JS 48JC 210PP 1150GP). JS is a Jade Square and is equal to 100GP. JC is a Jade Circle and is worth 25 Gold pieces.

If the guild has to kill Freebag, they will hang around town and try to figure out who has their money. If anyone in the party starts to by expensive stuff or shows off hidden wealth they will become suspected by the guild. If the group approaches Melitiak to but the girdle of Storm giant strength at this time they will become suspect. The guild will sell the girdle in this case and get their money back. This way they succeed in their mission. If the guild suspects party members they will follow them around and watch them. They may try to kidnap a party member to get the money back. At worst they will attack them or enspell them somehow.

When the guild agents get their money back they will leave the town through the south gate into the fields and then to the wilderness. The guilds agents escaped to the south and entered an environment controlled by woodland creatures or a high level magic-user and /or Druid. If the PCs kills a deer hunting for food (or other woodland types) the group will be geased/quested to kill a creature which has been killing woodland creatures or hurting the forest. The creature is a basilisk. The group will find signs of it in an area one day, if they camp/sleep near this area the basilisk will find them at night. If they find the lair they could be in trouble! (in it's lair there is some treasure 2000 silver pieces, 400 electrum, 200 gold, 50 platinum, 1 scroll of protection from undead, and a +1 short sword. there is also a treasure map to a nearby tomb which contains 20 ghouls, 2 shadows, 14 wights, 1 ghast, and 1 wraith. The map doesn't mention the undead or that it is a tomb.)

If the group tries to find out who killed the halfling they will get the following information: Freebag came into town with a group of halflings. The halflings are staying at the Hasting's inn. Freebag stayed at the Hartthorn Inn.

Other information found out below if they investigate.

The other halflings will say that Freebag was hauling a heavy wooden chest on his horse. Freebag joined them in Dar-town and came along for strength in numbers and racial trust reasons. They know nothing else.

Hartthorn inn: Owner says that he was quiet and paid in advance for his room. He felt that Freebag had molten gold in his pocket. His daughter (wench) served him dinner normally. The wooden chest is not in his room. Wench @ the Hartthorn Inn: Mentions the dinner and wine and that he gambled after he ate. She will point out a gambler she last saw Freebag with. Gambler @ the Hartthorn Inn: States that he played cards with him and broke even. Halfway into the game some other men wanted to join so he gave up for the night. The men who join the game had been staying in this inn. The two men are GoMoku and Eifpak. He will give descriptions of the two men. GoMoku and Eifpak are camping outside of town since Freebag was killed.

Stable man found knocked out: He was guarding the place was knocked out. Nothing is missing. Freebag's horse is in here. If the hay in the horse stall is searched they will find the Scroll mentioned above.

A speak with dead performed on Freebag will work if they ask questions about his murder and who killed him. This is the easiest way for the group to discover the murderers. Note: the murderers are staying at different inns and they will leave town if other members of the guild group are caught.

* 2 *

If the group doesn't rip off Freebag for the money, the transaction for the girdle will go on as planned. The Guild will get it's money back and Freebag will go on his way with a fake girdle of Storm Giant Strength. Freebag will quickly figure out that the girdle is a fake and will leave the area under the Guilds control ASAP. The guild will not take any further action against Freebag unless he stays in the area. In this case they will have him murdered.

It is possible that the group will try to rob the mage of his money instead. They must try this outside of the Ki Rin House, Else they will most likely die. The mage will be surrounded by his friends when he exits the Ki Rin House so if he is attacked the group should expect some back attacks. If the group wants to follow him out of town use the plan in the paragraph below.

The Guild group will regroup and leave town two hours after the sale of the girdle. They will exit through the south gate. If they notice anyone following, they will move forward quickly and try to setup an ambush. If the group catches up before the ambush, they will try to run. After having run away from the group once the PCs gets attacked at night at their camp (unless they appear to strong to handle) or the group is ambushed the next day. Each member of the Guild group has 20PP on them. The last guild member will have the chest of mob money.

* 3 *

If the group tries to get the Girdle from Freebag (non-stealthily) he will first try to sell it to them for 6000GP. If attacked he will offer to give them some very interesting information if they let him go (A scroll written in Thieves Cant relating the safe house in Dar-town). Second, he will boast of his new found strength and warn the group not to attack him. He will also inform them of his expertise in fighting with the foil (a lie). If this doesn't work he will run away, fighting only if there is no other choice. The group will figure out the girdles quality quickly.

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