Caravan Raids

Author: Authors of Volume 2
Length: Medium
Genre: Any
Type: Startup, Exploration
Setting: Any

The Plot

This plot can be used to get the party together.

During the last few weeks, the characters have been hearing rumors of bandit raids on caravans travelling the road. These raids are carried out against fairly large and well protected caravans, indicating a well prepared and large group of bandits. Regular travellers are almost never bothered. (Note: In my campaign, this is set in a largely agricultural area. Locals aren't worth it).

In addition to the caravan raids, several minor officials and merchants have been kidnapped and ransomed. The bandits are well informed, leading the local authorities to believe they may have an informant in their midst. Also a local minor cleric of the temple of has vanished without a trace.

Some member of the party is contacted by the local government's intelligence organization (preferably one that makes sense. I have a rogue/spy/courier in my group). They are tasked with gathering a group of adventurers to scout out the bandits and locate their lair. They are not to engage the bandits, as the city government is planning a full scale attack. They are also given some appropriate amount of money to give the characters incentive. The group gathered is not to know they are working for the local government. Let the player devise a cover story.

At the same time, a cleric/paladin character (hopefully of the same temple as the one above) is contacted by the head of their order, and instructed to find out what happened to the vanished cleric.

For a more twisted plot, have a party thief in the group be contacted by the local guild, and told about a supposed government expedition to find the bandits. Instruct the player to join the party and sidetrack/stop them if possible.

Behind the scenes, the bandits are actually not as powerful as it seems. It just so happens that the band's wizard has developed/found a more powerful version of the sleep spell, which allows the bandits to gain a great initial advantage. Furthermore, they are working with the local thieves' guild to plan their attacks and are sharing the profits with the guild. In return, the guild provides information and fences goods for the bandits. The thieves' guild would be most upset if their safe and profitable arrangement is disturbed.

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