Have Fun

Author: Authors of Volume 2
Length: Short
Genre: Paranoia
Type: Investigation
Setting: Urban, City

The Plot

A Death Leopard Head Honcho decides to run a scam on the First Church of Christ Computer Programmer. Her theology is fairly limited: "Jesus H. Christ" stands for J. HARLEY C., and Harley is the 3rd person in the Trinity. Jesus said "Have Fun!", and Harley shows us HOW to have fun. As the prophet of the Lord, she begins convincing lower Church members of the truth (her Death Leopard handle is Son of David, which she changes to Son-U-David for missionary purposes, and which also allows a handy link to Harley). The main mission consists of forming a rock group where she and her lieutenants take on yet more persona as ELL's Angels (Gabr-I-ELL, Raph-I-ELL, Mike-I-ELL and Ur-I-ELL) and give impromtu concerts to the Infrareds, inciting all 30 000 of them in the sector to "Have Fun!" She proposes a link between the Church and Death Leopard, which shall be called the First Church of Harley Games Progammer. It is a vital, yet little understood (especially by her) part of her thelogy that Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

Troubleshooters should be inserted, perhaps as agents for the high Church officals in Internal Security, who may or may not have varying degrees of certainty on how heretical all this is. Of course, if the Troublesootters are IntSec, they have a good chance of being Church themselves, and may get caught up in the low clearance revivalist atmosphere...

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