Paladin's Dark Day...

Author: edward michael white <>
Length: Medium
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Investigation
Setting: Rural

The Plot

Dungeon for 4-6 players, 6-10 level.

As the party is walking along on the country side, they come across two paladins fighting side by side. As soon as the players take up arms to help them fight these two fire giant, one of the large hammers meets the head of one of the paladins'. The blow kills the paladin instantly. At that time, the other paladin goes into a flying rage. After the Giants are dead, the live paladin rips off his helmet and grabs the limp body. The person he is grabbing is his wife. The head is completely crushed and there is nothing they can do. If the players have some way of getting her back, have it fail. Failed system shock or something like that. At that time the players can help the paladin finish his mission, which was to stop a group of trolls from harming a nearby village. During the mission, the players will see a change in the paladin's attitude. He starts to pout, gets short with the players. He walks off into the woods alot alone. One day he attacks the mage with full force. The players can try to subdue him, but it's taking more time to get him down and the mage will start to need healing. At that time, a final blow will kill the paladin. Right when that happens, a laugh is heard and a pit fiend appears. He nods and thanks you for doing his job.

The pit fiend was forbidden to get close to the paladins. But since one of them is dead and the other started to turn to the dark side (sorry could't help myself) he was able to convince the paladin that he could bring back his wife if he could get rid of the mage in your party. An impossible feat due to the parties' power. He takes the limp body and dissappears. The players will feel bad, but what can they do? They continue on and meet up with a group of three. The one in the lead is Tara. She is a paladin. She is also the wife of Esgar, paladin that the players just killed. The paladin they thought was her, was not her, but a doppleganger. She was taken by a group of priests who worship the vile creature that took Esgar's body. She escaped with the help of these two comrades and now is looking for her husband.

You'll love the way the players will sqirm. They can explain and she may respond with a little anger, but she understands. She would like your help on getting him back. The people she is with has the ability to get to his body. The players can join them, but they won't have alot of fun.

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