A Party Starter (AD&D.com)

Author: Alex Olivier
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Startup
Setting: Urban

The Plot

For those of you who are always trying to find out an original way to bring the party together in a realistic fashion when starting a new campaign rather than "Well you're all in an Inn," or "You see a sign posting a reward on/hiring armed escorts for," this one was a classic for me: Wherever the PC's might be, say they are all travelling to town, or they are in town, they see a commotion somewhere around the limit of their sight (spread the PC's out) which turns out to be a bunch of Kobolds attacking an old man who seems to have some Alzheimer's.. frisky but weak, and have the guy be something of a nutcase mage who accidentally cast an illusion of kobolds to attack him (he denies this) level 3 or so.. And while the PC's are together start an adventure; presto! a party.

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