Hall of Tiamet (AD&D.com)

Author: Jessica Havens
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Quest, Intrigue
Setting: Any
Monster: Dragon

The Plot

Adventurers are faced with the need to save their world. They enter a portal and jump from world to world collecting magical items, a love potion, a suit of magical armor, ring of true seeing, etc. Each represents a great attribute which will supposedly save the world. To gain each item they must overcome an obstacle. eventually they gain the seventh item and then find themselves in the home of the great platinum Dragon. They walk down the hall, guarded by golden dragons and stand before the Platinum dragon, who suddenly transforms into Tiamet. The golden dragons transform into evil ones, the whole thing had been a plot for Tiamet to take control. He gives them a choice to either join him or be destroyed....

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