Princess trapped in tall castle (AD&

Author: Qubrak Shata <>
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Investigation
Setting: Castle

The Plot

PCs hear of a princess or some damsel in distress (NOTE: I am not implying that women are not capable of escape. For those so inclined, replace damsel with Hunk) The tall tower cannot be climbed and there is no way to scale it. There is one window on top. The PCs must consult many sages to discover rumors that the damsel/hunk has long hair. (like in the classic story of Rapunzel.) This adventure can have a villain to defeat before the damsel's rescue, but it is mainly intended for DMs who have players who do not like to use sages and never remember about them until too late. I used this adventure to help my players use sages, as they were not doing so.

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