Returned veterans

Author: Mike Jones <>
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Startup, Affliction
Setting: Any

The Plot

I had a team that had played together for about three years. Unfortunately the team was about to fragment due to people moving for work. We finished the campaign with an extended and excellent war.

This led to the ideal opportunity to start off the new characters as newly enlisted men pulled into the system by a "draft bill" This allowed me to let them all know one another and also it afforded me the chance of letting them start with more powerful characters for the basic training that they went through. This pleased the older players who just shelved experienced characters Additionally it opens the way for reasons why less suited characters would want to be multi-classed fighter-anything. Now with the returning heroes of the war they feel inadequate. All of the available jobs are being snatched by anyone who killed a worm let alone an Orcish commander. So the party are forced to seek an alternative livelihood. Roll on adventuring.

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