A ship of fools

Author: Ketil Z Malde <ketil@ii.uib.no>
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Type: Quest, Affliction
Setting: Ship

The Plot

The characters need to cross some ocean. It is difficult to get hold of a ship, but finally one merchant offers to sell them one. The price can be discussed - a lot. Now the reason the ship is sold cheap if necessary, is that it is a ghost ship. The previous captain was killed by the second in command when he discovered what they were really doing (Smuggling? Worse?) Now, the ghost will control the ship, and no matter how the players try, it will quietly «drift off» towards the island where the previous captain was killed. The players will experience his death in their dreams, some as the victim, some as the perpetrator. On the island, another ship will be arriving shortly with the murderer abroad, and the ghost will appear and explain that he must be avenged, and will show them a treasure if they do it. Of course, what the players do might have consequences for their social position etc, depending on how they do it.

The characters are ambushed lightly, and when the ambushers run away, they leave behind a sack. The sack contains a small faerie, gnome, or whatever, who wants the characters to help them open a gate to Arcadia. The gate turns out to be a frozen lake, and the only way to melt it is to remove the church that is being built not too far away...and perhaps a sacrifice is necessary.

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