Author: Robert Underwood <GEO10701022@NKU.EDU>
Length: Medium
Genre: Cyberpunk, New Age
Type: Intrigue, Startup
Setting: Urban, City

The Plot

The campaign starts with a Corp hiring the PC's, preferably the PC's do not know each other. The Corp is an assistant VP in some Corp. This Corp has ideals on how a company should act, in a way that promotes the common good. The Corp has most of the lower echelons in his division agreeing with him. The company president prefers the traditional style of business, you know the corporate way. The AVP cannot be removed without causing massive disruptions in his division. So between the division and the rest of the Corp there is animosity.

That is just the background, the characters are hired by the Corp for typical runner purposes. The Corp will provide as much in the way of help that he can (about level 3 or 4 of resources). Some missions will be nothing more than "good deeds" for various people. About the third or fourth mission the expected support will fail, bring the characters to believe that the AVP betrayed them (he didn't, it was a traitor in the division).

Eventually the characters will become involved in a war for control of the company when the old president is assassinated. The Corp will be split almost evenly between two factions. One is lead by our AVP, he has gained more support than he had, because he is better qualified than his opponent.

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