Save the clan startup

Author: Jason Choi <>
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Startup

The Plot

The PC's brethren, their clan, tribe, race, whatever, are stricken with poverty and are poor, near the brink of starvation & death. They have to adventure to:

  1. Find a lost or stolen artefact of legend to bring peace & prosperity
  2. As representatives of their clan, tribe, whatever, they have to restore honor, glory, and pride to their people by doing heroic deeds.
  3. Perhaps find a new home for their people (Eg. Their race lives in a secluded valley. Their people are fearful & afraid to leave the comforts of their home, so the ruler charges the party to see what lies beyond their isolated homeland.)
  4. The PC's must adventure to find weapons & food for their folk, to help in a battle against some oppressing force (an orc tribe, an evil empire, etc). They also take on the role as spies and assassins as they advance in level.

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