The Insane Dragon

Author: Authors of Volume 1
Length: Short
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Quest, Startup
Setting: Any
Monster: Dragon

The Plot

      (very large sum mentioned - for your world)
               BRAVE Adventurers Needed!
  To Kill the DRAGON of Eastmark, Kingdom of Arcadia.
   (fill in location and kingdom name as necessary).
             Apply at the Royal Palace.

All that made that adventure interesting (aside from the nearly 1000 mile overland journey, differing cultures, side-adventures, et al) was the fact that the "DRAGON of Eastmark" was a golden dragon, and the party was mostly Good characters. The Gold had become insane when humans had attacked and slain his mate, and spent his time laying waste to the local kingdom, which finally began posting notes (after the first three expeditions failed) to hire outsiders to come in and try to destroy the genius-intelligence, magic-using and physically awe-inspiring dragon. Since the tattered posting does not mention that the "DRAGON" is a Gold, the party had already travelled the very long way, and then had a lot of discussion before finally deciding that grief did not excuse the dragon's excesses, and that he must be destroyed.

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