UFO Conspiracy

Author: Nils Jeppe <Nils_Jeppe@digital.fido.de>
Length: Short
Genre: Cyberpunk
Type: Investigation, Intrigue
Setting: Any

The Plot

One neat plot idea I have for a Cyberpunk(tm) game, but haven't tried yet, is that the players have to uncover the UFO Conspiracy: The U.S. government, in alliance with some other nations and large corporation's, has made a secret treaty with an alien race from Zeta Reticuli. The aliens offer the humans technology; in exchange, they are allowed to abduct people and cattle and to perform experiments on them, use women to implant alien foetuses (sp?), etc. The government is trying to cover up this, of course, so the players will have all kinds of fun with government, cooperation and later on, alien agents. The scenario would include interviewing abductees, examining landing sites, or perhaps even a crash site, breaking into corp/government data bases (to unearth secret information), infiltrating military bases, and so on. It would probably work best as a Cyber style games (or even Lovecraft Mythos games); and perhaps shouldn't be fashioned into your existing long term campaign, because it has a VERY large impact on your world. Should be a cool one-shot or short term campaign. PS, to get ideas I would recommend getting onto the various UFO related newsgroups/echoes on the various networks.

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