Registration Information

Please make your registration with name and address as soon as possible via email to

The workshop fee is 1.000,-- OES (140,-- DM). Full time students pay half (500,-- OES or 70,-- DM). The workshop fees include proceedings, refreshments during the breaks and the workshop dinner, but don't include lunch (dinner is not included in student fees).

If you reside in Germany, please make a bank transfer of

If you reside in Austria, please make a bank transfer of All transfer fees are at your expense. If you reside neither in Germany nor in Austria please pay your fees in OES directly at the workshop.

There is a special arrangement with Hotel Carlton Opera which is located near the workshop location. The price is

All prices are per person, breakfast buffet included. Please make your reservation there as soon as possible, since only a limited number of rooms is available.

Carlton Opera
Schikanederg. 4, 1040 Vienna
Tel. (+43/1) 587 53 02-0
Fax. (+43/1) 56 43 09

There is an additional offer from Hotel Kaiserhof which is quite near to the workshop location:

This prices are per room and include Champagner breakfast buffet, valid from September 26 to 29.

Hotel Kaiserhof
Frankenbergg. 10, 1040 Vienna
Tel. (+43/1) 505 17 01
Fax. (+43/1) 505 88 75

Information about youth hostels you can find here and here.

Information about other hotels is also available.

Travel information is only available in German.

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