Torero Installation Guide

Step by Step (standalone application)

  1. Make sure that JAVA is installed properly and it's in your path. Test it by typing "java -version" in a shell. On unix-systems java is usually installed in the "/usr/lib/java" or "/usr/lib/jdkXX" directory.
  2. Go to your home directory and create a new directory. e.g. Torero.
  3. Download and unpack the Torero package to the new directory. e.g. "/home/yourhome/Torero"
  4. There you'll find two start scripts: (unix) and torero.bat (windows). Call the appropriate file to start Torero.


Command line arguments (standalone application)

If Torero is used as standalone application several command line arguments are supported: [-v | -vv | -y<yaccfile>]


Step by Step (applet version)

  1. Follow steps 1. - 3. as described above.
  2. Go to the Start Torero as an applet section and follow the instructions found there.
  3. Call the appropriate "runapplet" script ( for unix, runapplet.bat for windows systems) found in the Torero directory.


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Howto Start Torero as an Applet