Juggling Polyhedra

Whenever a juggler sees something new, the first question that pops up in his mind is whether he can juggle it. It is no surprise then, that, being a juggler, I have attempted and succeeded in juggling polyhedra built out of SuperMags.

This page, or actually the two videos linked from here below, proves not only that I succeeded in my juggling mission, but, more importantly, that SuperMag polyhedra are very stable constructions, if built correctly.

Juggling 3 short dodecahedra This is me juggling 3 short dodecahedra.
Juggling 5 short cubes Here I'm juggling 5 short cubes. It's very difficult to catch 3 of them in one hand without breaking them and I was much too lazy to rebuild the things hundreds of times and trying again, so I just squashed them at the end.

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