The Sharp Blur Script-Fu Script

Sharp Blur is a script for the GIMP Script-Fu. It is available for GIMP 1.0 (sharpblur-gimp-1.0.scm), for GIMP 1.2 (sharpblur-gimp-1.2.scm), and for GIMP 2.0 (sharpblur-gimp-2.0.scm).


The purpose of this script is to blur an image while retaining its edges. While this may seem like a contradiction, it really is not: sharp edges get preserved while soft edges are discarded.

The main area of application for this script is the retouching of bad scans.


This is an image of Laetitia Casta before Sharp Blur:

This is the same image after Sharp Blur has been applied:

The Author

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