The MathMap Image Processing Application

MathMap Screenshot

What is it?

MathMap is an image processing application that works on several levels:

MathMap can be used as a GIMP plug-in as well as a command-line tool. It is distributed as Free Software under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.


Latest stable release: 1.3.5


Linux binaries are not available at this point because of a technical hiccup.



We also periodically release builds from the current development state. They are announced on the MathMap Google Group. Use at your own risk!

Mac OS X

We have implemented a stand-alone version of MathMap for Mac OS X called "MathMap Cocoa". Unfortunately it is somewhat outdated. The latest release is 1.2.4-1 which you can download here. It includes an introductory video presentation. The complete source code (including the XCode project) can be downloaded here.

Screencast Presentations

Demo of the MathMap Composer

Introduction to the MathMap Language

MathMap Cocoa Introduction

New features in MathMap 1.3.4



Still Images



Language Tutorial

Language Reference

New language features in MathMap 1.3 (unstable)

Community and Contacts

The MathMap community hangs out at the MathMap Google group. Feel free to join, ask questions, and present your own filters!

There is also an active community on the MathMap Flickr group, where people share images they've created.

You can also contact the maintainer, Mark Probst, directly.

Bug Reports

Please report bugs on our GitHub issue tracker.


The MathMap source repository is hosted on GitHub. See the file README.git there for instructions.

Version History