PPPJ 2010: 8th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Programming in Java

September 15-17 2010 Vienna, Austria

Picture of the Vienna University of Technology Picture of the Karlskirche Aerial view of Vienna Unversity of Technology with Karlsplatz

Work in Progress and Poster Session

The Work in Progress (WiP) session at PPPJ 2010 is dedicated to new and on-going research on all aspects of Java programming including the language and its virtual machine, methods, tools and frameworks. For researchers that are in the preliminary stages of writing a paper or in the formative stages of a PhD study, the WiP session is an excellent opportunity to share early results and receive feedback or extensions to their ideas.


The scope of the WiP session is similar to that of the main conference. The list of topics below is not exhaustive, also work from related areas is welcome:

  • The Java Language and Systems
  • Other Languages for the JVM
  • VM Design and Optimization
  • Software Engineering with Java
  • Model-driven Development in Java
  • Component- and Service-oriented Architectures
  • Java Frameworks and Tools
  • Java and Formal Methods
  • Testing, Analysis and Metrics
  • Java on Mobile and Embedded Devices
  • Java Concurrency
  • Parallelization of Java programs
  • Applications in Science, Engineering, and Business
  • Java Practice and Experience Reports
  • Teaching Java


The PPPJ 2010 WiP session will take place during the main conference. It consists of a short oral presentation (three to five minutes, aided by slides), followed by the interactive poster session. Slides (in PDF format) and the printed A0-sized version of the poster should be handed in by the respective presenter when registering at the conference venue.

Best Student Poster Award

All posters presented by students compete for the Best Student Poster Award. The winner is selected during the conference and presented with a monetary price of € 200 (EUR). To be eligible, the presenter must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at his or her school.

Online Publication

We are planning to publish abstracts (around four pages long) describing the work of accepted poster authors in the CEUR-WS digital library. These online proceedings will be assigned an ISSN number and are going to be publicly accessible for everyone via the CEUR website (http://ceur-ws.org/). All authors will retain the copyright of their posters and abstracts.

Submission Guidelines

Researchers wishing to participate should send a short abstract (300-500 words) and title for consideration to pppj10@complang.tuwien.ac.at by July 5, 2010 July 18, 2010. Those who want to enter the Best Student Poster Award competition, need to include the name of their academic institution and student status. Acceptances will be notified by July 26, 2010. At least one author on the poster is required to pre-register for the conference and attend the scheduled poster session and presentation. Details regarding the submission of abstracts for online publication will be posted at the beginning of July.