Working DOS VNC viewer configurations

Computer system (RAM)     |OS          | Networking Hardware    | Packet driver
IBM ThinkPad 720C (8MB)    DOS 6.22     OvisLink PCMCIA (NE2000)  std
No-name IBM 6x86MX (96MB)  Win95 OSR2   No-name NE2000 ISA/PnP    Crynwr NE2000
SNI 386dx (8MB)            DR-DOS 7.02  3Com 509                  Crynwr
Compaq Presario 425 (4MB)  DOS 5.0      No-name NE2000            Crynwr NE2000
No-name P90 (8MB)          Freedos/Orl. D-Link DE-220 ISA         LANMGR/shim

Suggestions for other entries:

Computer system: Complete system name if brand, otherwise "No-name <CPU> (<RAM>)"
OS: one of "DOS", "Win95", "Win95 OSR2", "Win98", "OS/2 <version>", "DR-DOS", "PC-DOS", ...
Networking Hardware: Ethernet card name or modem, serial link, parallel link...
Packet driver: Description of the packet driver software. "std" for packet drivers which came with the hardware (e.g. the packet driver on the Ethernet card's driver disk).

Please be as clear and concise as possible, while avoiding excessive verbosity. :-)