Feb 11, 1996
Released 0.6.5. This version was kindly prepared by Griff, because I'm quite busy at the moment. It features bug fixes, a code-cleanup and fullscreen SVGAlib support for Linux.
Apr 15, 1997
Woke up and realized that I had been sleeping for the last 14 months. No, seriously - I had and still have to sort out many things in my life, career etc. and so the development on STonX had to suffer. Check out the list of things that have been implemented and not yet released above and forgive me for garbage-collecting my life and being lazy. Plus, wish me that I won't have to take up a new job in June - government-enforced slavery work in a place where old people are put when their families want to get rid of them, earning approximately 1/12th of my current salary and being deprived of many of my rights as a citizen (e.g. I can't leave the country). This is for refusing to join the army on moral grounds, while also considering the practice of recruiting young men in times of peace barbaric, useless and certainly improper for a country that considers itself civilized. I'm sorry for this political message, but it best explains my current feelings and why I can't put my mind on more productive things. Thanks for listening.
Apr 18, 1997
Created the STonX-current archive for snapshots of work in progress.
Apr 21, 1997
Compiled the current beta version on Alphas running Digital Unix and Linux. Look at this screenshot!. Even very simple machine instructions are fast on this machine (despite the large constant dispatch overhead): e.g. a moveq runs in 0.7 8MHz cycles (92 ns), an add.l d1,d2 in 0.9, a bsr/rts pair in 3!
Apr 27, 1997
About to release a new beta version with some fixes. Also started to write some documentation.
May 9, 1997
I can't believe what I just saw! This is how the Little Colour Demo looks like running under my current version of STonX (note the Rasters!).
May 24, 1997
Finally got round to releasing another beta version. This will hopefully be the last one before the final STonX 0.6.7 is released, after which beta versions of the current development tree will be released (the aim for 0.6.7 is to provide a stable version of STonX to replace version 0.6.5, until the new code becomes useable).