Short biography

I was born in Mainz-Mombach (FRG) on December 12, 1972, and have lived in Germany, Austria and Greece (where I graduated from school), before I came back to Austria to study Computer Science in October 1990. I received my M.Sc. degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in January 1995, and am working on my Ph.D. degree at the moment. Currently I'm employed as an assistant (researching & teaching; many people would call me an "Assistant Professor", but I don't like being called names) at the Vienna University Of Technology, Department for Programming Languages and Compiler Construction.

Apart from my obvious interest in this field, I'm also interested in data compression, fractals and computer graphics.

I also seem to have built up a reputation as a relatively security-aware person, although I find Unix boring these days.


Other things blah blah...

I like reading books by Robert Rankin or Terry Pratchett, or even real classics like Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. Some of my other favourite authors are Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain. You've guessed it, I like witty writers with a strange sense of humour. Suggestions regarding other authors that might interest me are welcome.

I also enjoy computer games, occasionally. Thanks to the way the games industry is evolving, cranking out fewer good games every year, it helps me save a lot of time.

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Marinos ``nino'' Yannikos,