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Symbolic Computation and Theorem Proving for Verified Software

The tutorial will present several symbolic computation, invariant generation and theorem proving methods and tools. By the end of the tutorial, participants will have a better understanding in choosing the appropriate methodology for their specific application.

The tutorial is meant for graduate and undergraduate students, as well as for more experienced researchers in the field of formal methods and symbolic computation.


This tutorial will be co-located with the SYNASC 2011 conference, Timisoara, Romania.

The tutorial will be organised as a series of four connected tutorial sessions. Each of the tutorial sessions will be of half a day. Tutorial sessions will overview foundations and challenges, describe available tool support for various theoretical frameworks, and comprise of an interleaving of tool presentations and labs. The lab sessions will give the attendees an opportunity to get some hands on experience with the presented tools.



The tutorial will be of 2 days and will take place between 27-28 September, during the SYNASC 2011 conference.

The tutorial will comprise of four sessions, as follows:

Laura Kovács
Faculty of Informatics
Vienna University of Technology
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