Seminar (mit Bakkalaureatsarbeit)
LVA 185.188, SE 3.0, 2004 W
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
LVA 185.217, PS 2.0, 2004 W


Im Seminar bzw. Proseminar wird folgende Literatur als Grundlage der einzelnen Themen verwendet:

1 An automatic object inlining optimization and its evaluation
2 Fast static analysis of C++ virtual function calls
3 Extracting library-based object-oriented applications
4 Dynamic points-to sets: a comparison with static analyses and potential applications in program understanding and optimization
5 Inter-class def-use analysis with partial class representations
6 Contextual def-use associations for object aggregation
7 Efficient dynamic dispatch without virtual function tables: the SmallEiffel compiler
8 Automated Testing of Classes
9 OMEN: A strategy for testing object-oriented software
10 Optimization of Object-Oriented Programs Using Static Class Hierarchy Analysis
11 Slicing object-oriented software
12 Type-based alias analysis ( Using types to analyze and optimize object-oriented programs)
13 Why C++ is not just an object-oriented programming language
14 Escape analysis for Java
15 Alias annotations for program understanding
16 Alias analysis for exceptions in Java
17 Static conflict analysis for multi-threaded object-oriented programs
18 A framework for call graph construction algorithms
19 Type feedback vs. concrete type inference: a comparison of optimization techniques for object-oriented languages
20 Building a Bridge between Pointer Aliases and Program Dependences(<- in publication list)(journal page)
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