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Process Types in Programming Languages:

Currently I am developing a new object-oriented programming language with a novel type system supporting synchronization of concurrent processes and reliable swapping of state-full software components. Here are some early results of this work:
See the pet in the beast: How to limit effects of aliasing
Black & white, never grey: On interfaces, sync...
Internal and external token-based synchronization in oo lang...
From static to dynamic process types
Client and server synchronization expressed in types
Reliable shared memory communication
In components we trust
State information in statically checked interfaces
Synchronization with type variables
Dagstuhl seminar 03431
The language is based on "process types", a type system able to deal with dynamic changes of message acceptability in a static way. Work on process types was supported by the FWF in the project "Static Process Types for Active Objects" (P12703-INF) carried out in 1999.
State inference for dynamically changing interfaces
Types for active objects with static deadlock prevention
Strong types for coordinating active objects
Flexible types for a concurrent model
Concurrent object-oriented programming with process types
Expressiveness and applicability of process types
Non-regular process types
A concurrent object calculus with types that express sequences
Changeable interfaces and promised messages for concurrent ...
Dynamic type information in process types
Coordination of CORBA objects with process types
Coordination requirements expressed in types for active objects
Static type checking and deadlock prevention in systems ...
Types that reflect changes of object usability
Synchronization expressed in types of communication channels
Types for active objects based on trace semantics
Practical expressive types for active objects
Type specifications with processes
Typen für logikbasierte aktive Objekte (German)
Flexible types for a concurrent model

Type Specialization:

Process types were inspired by some earlier work on a programming model where types become increasingly specialized:
Type specialization for object-oriented coordination
Type specialization and coordination
Transactions on shared data: a coordination model

Vienna Parallel Logic:

Much of the earlier work deals with VPL, a logic-based concurrent language with a transaction model useful in multidatabase systems:
Communication and transactions in Vienna Parallel Logic
Concurrency and backtracking in Vienna Parallel Logic
A language multidatabase system communication protocol
Reliable communication in VPL
An execution model for distributed database transactions and its ...
Embedding MSQL queries into a logic based transaction ...
Multidatabase transaction and query processing in logic
Transaction specification in multidatabase systems based on ...
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