Fortgeschrittene objektorientierte Programmierung
LVA 185.211, VU, 3 ECTS, 2017 S

Third Assignment

Game in Eiffel

Learn Eiffel and implement a further snake game in Eiffel. The game shall resemble that of the second assignment, this is, the game need not be network-based, and several players shall be able to play on the same computer using the same keyboard simultaneously. It is recommended to use EiffelStudio, an IDE based on Eiffel. Be careful to download the open-source version, not the commercial one. Each team member shall work on this assignment to get his/her own Eiffel experience.

There is support for windows with graphical content, but it may be difficult to find appropriate libraries and documentation. As an alternative you can write the game such that it is based only on text output.

Please try out the specific features of Eiffel to answer the following questions:

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