Fortgeschrittene objektorientierte Programmierung
LVA 185.211, VU, 3 ECTS, 2017 S

Second Assignment

Game in Smalltalk

Learn Smalltalk, and design and implement a snake game in Smalltalk. The game shall resemble that of the first assignment, but it need not be network-based, and several (at least two) people shall be able to play on the same computer using the same keyboard simultaneously. It is recommended to use Squeak, a relatively up-to-date implementation of Smalltalk-80. Each team member shall work on this assignment to get her/his own Smalltalk experience.

Smalltalk programmers usually prefer to adapt existing code over writing new code from scratch. There is good support for graphical interfaces, but its documentation is bad. Thus, it may be a good idea to start with the code of another game using appropriate graphical interfaces and change this code as needed for the snake game. Please try out this style of programming and answer the following questions:

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