Fortgeschrittene objektorientierte Programmierung
LVA 185.211, VU, 3 ECTS, 2016 S

Second Assignment

Game in Smalltalk

Learn Smalltalk, and design and implement a mouse racing game in Smalltalk. The game shall resemble that from the first assignment, but it need not be network-compatible, and several (at least two) players shall be able to play on the same computer using the same keyboard simultaneously. It is recommended to use Squeak, a relatively up-to-date implementation of Smalltalk-80. Each team member shall work on this assignment to get his/her own Smalltalk experience.

Smalltalk programmers usually prefer to adapt existing code over writing new code from scratch. Please try out this style of programming and answer the following questions:

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         LVAs 2017 W
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         LVAs 2016 W
         LVAs 2016 S
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               2. Aufgabe
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         LVAs 2003 W
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