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This directory contains my structure and objects packages for Forth
and articles about them.

The files are:

struct.fs	the structures package
objects.fs	the objects package
objexamp.fs	test code for the objects package
fifo-example.fs	a more elaborate example using the package
structs.html	Documentation on the structure package
objects.html	Documentation on the objects package
opinion.html	my opinion on the Neon model and about standardizing OO Forth

You can get this whole directory from

You can test the package by loading struct.fs, then objects,fs, then
objexamp.fs. The output should look similar to this:
object:5368720608 class:209016 
0 1 4 4 
object:5368720672 class:209728 
object:5368720672 class:209728 
??? ??? Forth Forth Root     ??? 
??? ??? Forth Forth Root     Forth 
xcounter object:211856 class:210744 made another ten
xcounter object:211856 class:210744 made another ten
20 23 
??? ??? Forth Forth Root     Forth 

protected2  protected1  n  
Forth Forth Root     Forth 

5 6 
- anton
M. Anton Ertl                    Some things have to be seen to be believed Most things have to be believed to be seen