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In addition to using Gforth in pipes created by other processes (see Gforth in pipes), you can create your own pipe with open-pipe, and read from or write to it.

open-pipe       c-addr u wfam -- wfileid wior        gforth       ``open-pipe''

close-pipe       wfileid -- wretval wior        gforth       ``close-pipe''

If you write to a pipe, Gforth can throw a broken-pipe-error; if you don't catch this exception, Gforth will catch it and exit, usually silently (see Gforth in pipes). Since you probably do not want this, you should wrap a catch or try block around the code from open-pipe to close-pipe, so you can deal with the problem yourself, and then return to regular processing.

broken-pipe-error       -- n         gforth       ``broken-pipe-error''
the error number for a broken pipe