Forth Online Resources Quick-Ref Card

[This page has not been updated since April 1996, so it is mostly outdated. John Verne has taken over the maintenance of the Forth on-line FAQ.
Bulletin Boards
Arcane Incantations                 617-899-6672
Art of Programming BBS              604-826-9663
Bitter Butter Better BBS            503-691-7938
Gold Country Forth BBS              916-652-7117
LMI Forth BBS                       310-306-3530
MindLink!                           604-528-3500   Telnet:
RCFB "The Rocky Coast Free Board"   303.278.0364
The FROG Pond BBS                   716/461-1924

FTP Sites

FTP/Web Sites

Internet Mailing Lists
MISC mailing list                   subscribe:
The Win32For mailing list           subscribe:

Electronic Mailboxes
ANSForth Mail Group       
FIG (Board of Directors)  
    (Forth Dimensions Editor)
    (FIG business office) 
    (FIG President)       
    (FIG Secretary)       
    (FIG Treasurer)       
    (FIG Vice President)  
FORTH Gesellschaft        
LMI Technical Support     
Miller Microcomputer Services
PYGMY Forth (Frank Sergeant)
The Forth Online Resources Survey

Newsgroups, Conferences, et. al

World Wide Web

The Quick-Ref Card is excerpted from Forth Dimensions magazine's
"Forth Online Resources" column, which contains detailed provider
and site information, including conditions of access, baud rates,
addresses, etc. Email changes and updates to:
Updated: Apr 07 1996; maintained by Kenneth O'Heskin

Forth Dimensions XVII No.4  Nov/Dec 1995

 current FIG address/contact info:
  Forth Interest Group
  P.O. Box 2154
  Oakland, California 94621

  telephone: 510-893-6784
  fax: 510-535-1295
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