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Already before founding the company's playschool, the concept "Engineering in Playschool" was planned ahead. Now the first playschool children has reached pre-school age and the program "Engineering in Playschool" could start in the summer term of 2009.

About the project:
During the project children (Age between 5 and 6) have the possibility to visit several departments of the technical university, watch the scientists work and playfully participate in doing interesting experiments. At first glance it might seem a bit strange to take small children to the departments. Today's children need to be introduced to natural and technological science. It is not self-evident anymore that children, as in the past, experience the laws of nature by themselfs. How should a child, for example, comprehend the laws of gravity, if it plays with Lego-Bricks or spends most of its time playing computer games? You can argue about how children should be introduced to technological science, but it is unquestionable, that the approach to start with this, at pre-school age, is the right one. Playschool-Age is THE age where the cornerstone for future development of a person is laid. For the summer term of 2011 we already have a complete program (Areas: Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology etc.) in place. In the future we are optimistic to attract even more scientists willing to take "risks" for our children.

(Ewa Vesely)

Technology and natural sciences in playschool, Year 2011

Technology and natural sciences in playschool, Year 2010

Technology and natural sciences in playschool, Year 2009

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Ewa Vesely
   Engineering in Playschool
Project management:
Ewa Vesely
Martin Ahrens
Markus Bader
Jürgen Fleig
Johannes Fröhlich
Matthias Gerstl
Jens Knoop
Gregor Kowarik
Norbert Krouzecky
Frank Kubel
Leonid Narinsky
Alexander Karl Opitz
Dietmar Schreiner
Leonid Narinsky
Carina Hofbauer
Faculty of Informatics
Vienna University of Technology
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