A.o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. eva Kühn
TU Wien

Martin Rohner

Last Balancierung fuer Grid Computing


Diploma Thesis, TU-Vienna, 2005


The subject of this thesis is the introduction of a prototype for a load-balancing infrastructure which - according to the trend on the internet towards peer-to-peer and grid-computing - should manage to work without a central coordinator. Special attention is given to the design of an efficient general system in which the integration of new client applications should be combined with as little expenditure as possible. Furthermore new resources should be dynamically addable or removable to the resource-pool at any time. Also should the crash of one single computer not lead to the standstill of the whole distributed system. By using suitable design determinations it is tried to meet these requirements (and several more).


To illustrate the practical realization and quality of the represented design a prototype for each single element is constructed and a client-application for the formulation of a simple problem (compilation of java source-files) is looked at.


The design as well as the realization is based on the technology paradigm of the "Space Based Programming" while using the Middleware Software Corso. Besides diverse performance tests the comparison with a central load-balancing infrastructure is finally carried out to show the strengths and weaknesses of both variants.


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