A.o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. eva Kühn
TU Wien

Hannu-Daniel Goiss

Naming and communication management for MozartSpaces


Diploma Thesis, TU-Vienna, 2009


Locating information in the Internet is a demanding task because of the information flood. In telematics there is the challenge of finding the right data, due to the high amount of users and the high amount of information. This Master's Thesis introduces a "Naming Layer" for MozartSpaces, which is a middleware based on the Space Based Computing paradigm.


Space Based Computing is a modern form of communication between various participants in a computer network. The participants communicate by using objects, which they store in a common communication area.


One of the challenges is to locate objects, which have been created by other participants. This can be done by using the object identifier, if it is known in which communication area the object is located. The "Naming Layer" has the purpose to allow the location of objects that are located in various communication areas. A "Communication Layer" is introduced as well, which allows the use of various protocols for data communication.



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