A.o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. eva Kühn
TU Wien

Head of the Space Based Computing Research Group

eva Kuehn (Foto by Katharina Gussow)

Short Bio


Graduated engineer of computer sciences (Dipl. Ing.), Ph.D. (Dr. techn.) and Venia Docendi (Univ. Doz.) from the TU Wien. Heinz-Zemanek Research Award for Ph.D. work on "Multi Database Systems". Kurt-Gödel Research Grant from the Austrian Government for a sabbatical at the Indiana Center for Databases at Purdue University, USA. International publications and teaching in the areas of methods and tools for software development, software engineering, coordination languages, software integration, parallel and distributed programming, heterogeneous transaction processing, and space based computing. Project coordinator of nationally (FWF, FFG, AT), internationally (EU Commission) funded research projects, and projects with industry. International software patents for research work on a new "Coordination System". Seven years of management experience as Chief Technological Officer (CTO) of an Austrian Spin-Off company for software development. Conference chair, program committee member, organizer and coordinator of international conferences. Former Member of the Governing Board of the Austrian and European UNIX systems user group. Member of the ISO Working Group for the standardization of Prolog. Former Chair of the Strategic Board of the SCCH (Software Competence Center Hagenberg at JKU Linz). Former member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the SCCH. Former member of the Senate of the Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft (CDG). Member of the Science and Research Council of the Federal State of Salzburg.


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Strategic Project with ÖBB Infrastruktur AG
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