Codegeneratoren (in engl.Spr.)

LV Nummer: 185.117 VO

Times and Place

The lecture will be held in the summer semester of 2000. The lecture will take place from 1400 to 1600 in the Library of the Institut für Computersprachen, 4th floor, Argintenierstr. 8.


The course will deal with code generation, but with a special emphasis on compiling for instruction level parallelism (ILP). Code generation; instruction selection; register allocation; superscalar; VLIW; multiscalar architectures; IA-64 architecture; Transmeta's Crusoe; components of an ILP compiler; local instruction scheduling; global instruction scheduling; software pipelining; ILP enhancing transformations.

The course will include a small amount of practical work using Atom. This will show how to bring some of the ideas that we look at to a simple code optimiser.

Teaching aim

After the course you should have a good knowledge and understanding of code generation and instruction level parallelism. The goal of the course is to acquire the knowledge and ability to develop optimising code generators, with a special emphasis on targeting ILP machines.

What do you need to do this course?

You should have a reasonable knowledge of what a compiler is and what it does. Ideally you will be doing, or already have done the Compilers (Übersetzerbau) course.

Enthusiasm and a sense of humour are also desirable.

You do not need to know about instruction level parallel architectures or Atom.