dtfs Design Issues

Latest Modification: May, 5th 1998

Design Issue Topics

This page contains some ideas concerning the design of dtfs. Some of them are part of the current dtfs implementation already, some of them are planned and some of them are still open issues.

The design ideas are grouped by the following topics:

dtfs Meta Data Ideas

Ideas and design prinicples concerning inodes and dtfs special files.

Syncing And Checkpoints

Iusses concerning the writing of checkpoints and performing (implicit) sync operations.

In-Memory Block Addressing Scheme, Partial Segment Layout

Information about on-disk block layout and the way blocks are addressed in-memory by the dtfs kernel module.

Other Topics

General design issues for dtfs that do not fit in one of the previous categories.

Christian Czezatke, email: e9025461@student.tuwien.ac.at