dtfs Changes (Continued)

Latest Modification: August, 22nd. 1998

June, 5th 1998: Another Major dtfs Specification Update

The dtfs data structures have been changed in another design review. dtfs now features 64bit data strucutres on all platforms, improved checkpointing and a platform-independent on-disk data representation for the dtfs core. Furthermore the last "ext2isms" have been removed from the dtfs core.

The "dtfs Design Specification" now contains a description of the on--disk data structures as well as the algorithms used to make dtfs work with these data structures. Have a look at the papers section for more information.

Again the experimental dtfs kernel module and the dtfs utilities have been updated to reflect these changes.

May, 23rd 1998: Overhaul of the on-disk data structures finished

The feedback from other people and my own experiences so far have resulted in an overhaul of the dtfs on-disk data structures. The current data structures and their actual usage is outlined in detail in the new version of the dtfs disklayout paper that can be found here .

Furthermore the dtfs kernel module has been adapted to reflect these changes, as well as the dtfs utilities .

May, 12th 1998: Paper on dtfs Write Support released.

Have a look at the papers section for more information.

May, 7th 1998: dtfs read support enabled

The dtfs kernel module has now read access for files too (not only directories). Furthermore a small bugfix to mkdtfs makes "du -k" work correctly. -- Please reformat your dtfs partitions... ;-)

I also fixed a html typo on the metadata ideas page and updated the section about placing inodes directly in the ifile.

May, 5th 1998: Pages on dtfs design Issues Added

A major updated of the dtfs homepage introduces the dtfs design issue pages. Feedback is welcome!

May, 2nd 1998: The dtfs kernel module can now mount a dt filesystem and read its root directory. Furthermore the dtfs-utils have been updated.

Version 0.11 of the filesystem utilities is now out. The current version of the dtfs kernel module can now mount and unmount filesystems created by the 0.11 version of the make filesystem utility. Furthermore, the kernel module can read in the filesystem root dir and implements a minimalistic "df" call.

April, 27th 1998: dtfs Filesystem utilities actually working, first kernel code written.

The current version of the filesystem utilities now supports large partitions on 32bit systems. It has been tested on a 16GB Raid 5 Array on Linux/intel and seems ok. The first code for a dtfs Kernel Module has been written. It is absolutely unusable right now...

April, 19th 1998: dtfs Filesystem Utilities updated

The version from April, 18th did not contain the "include" subdirectory giving other people a hard time trying to build the filesystem utilities... ;-) -- Furthermore the 2GB filesystem size limit has been removed.

April, 18th 1998: dtfs Filesystem Utilites released

A first version of the dtfs filesystem utilities has been released. The filesystem utilities consist of a working version of the "make filesystem" utitilty and an "inspect" utility allowing the verification of the work done by the make filesystem utility.

April, 10th 1998: First Version of a "make filesystem" utility released

A very first version (0.0.1) of a make filesystem utility for the dtfs project has been finished.

April, 1st 1998: dtfs disk layout refined

The dtfs on-disk layout has been refined to make the support for versioning less brain-damaged.

March, 30th 1998: first dtfs on-disk layout specification

Initial version of dtfs on-disk outline given. Introduction of versioning and logical filesystems.

March, 26th. 1998: Paper finished

Finished first version of "Implementing dtfs", a paper outlining the planned implementation of the log-structured file system in the Linux kernel.

March, 11th. 1998: Paper finished

"LFS For Linux -- An Outline" is a very first draft on implementing a log-structured file system within the Linux kernel.

Christian Czezatke, email: e9025461@student.tuwien.ac.at