Diff for /gforth/testclean between versions 1.1 and 1.4

version 1.1, 1996/10/31 17:41:16 version 1.4, 1998/08/02 14:03:16
Line 1 Line 1
 GFORTH=gforth-0.2.0  #usage: invoke this in the gforth directory
 make dist  make dist
 mkdir test  mkdir xxxtest
 cd test  cd xxxtest
 for i in orig changed  for i in orig changed
 do  do
   mkdir $i    mkdir $i
Line 29  cd ../.. Line 30  cd ../..
 echo checking clean  echo checking clean
 diff -rq orig changed  diff -rq orig changed
 cd ..  cd ..
 rm -rf test  rm -rf xxxtest

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