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Mon Sep 12 19:00:38 1994 UTC (26 years, 7 months ago) by pazsan
Branches: MAIN
CVS tags: HEAD
Added forth variants for primitives
Added a generator for forth primitives
Cleaned up some minor errors
Changed names of local access (was cell size dependent)
Where is "getopt.h"???!? Added tiny workaround. Where is getopt_long?

#! /usr/stud/paysan/bin/forth
\ startup file

warnings off

\ include float.fs
\ include search-order.fs
include glocals.fs
include environ.fs
\ include toolsext.fs
include wordinfo.fs
include vt100.fs
\ include colorize.fs
include see.fs
include bufio.fs
include debug.fs

0 Value $?
: sh  '# parse cr system  to $? ;

warnings on

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