Diff for /gforth/startup.fs between versions 1.41 and 1.47

version 1.41, 2001/05/13 10:54:10 version 1.47, 2002/12/26 14:09:20
Line 35  include hash.fs Line 35  include hash.fs
 \ require interpretation.fs  \ require interpretation.fs
 \ include float.fs  \ include float.fs
 \ include search.fs  \ include search.fs
   require compat/strcomp.fs
 include glocals.fs  include glocals.fs
 require stuff.fs  require stuff.fs
 include wordinfo.fs  include wordinfo.fs
 include vt100.fs  include vt100.fs
 \ include colorize.fs  \ include colorize.fs
 include see.fs  
 include see-ext.fs  
 require simp-see.fs  
 include bufio.fs  include bufio.fs
 include debug.fs  
 include history.fs  include history.fs
 s" os-class" environment? dup [IF] drop s" unix" compare 0= [THEN]  s" os-class" environment? dup [IF] drop s" unix" str= [THEN]
 [IF]  [IF]
 include vt100key.fs  include vt100key.fs
Line 58  require blocks.fs Line 55  require blocks.fs
 require intcomp.fs  require intcomp.fs
 require savesys.fs  require savesys.fs
 require table.fs  require table.fs
   s" os-class" environment? dup [IF] drop s" unix" str= [THEN]
 require ekey.fs  require ekey.fs
   require dosekey.fs
   require quotes.fs
   require see.fs
   require see-ext.fs
 require backtrac.fs  require backtrac.fs
   require simp-see.fs
   require debug.fs
 require code.fs  require code.fs
 \ define the environmental queries for all the loaded wordsets  \ define the environmental queries for all the loaded wordsets
Line 73  true constant double-ext Line 80  true constant double-ext
 true constant exception  true constant exception
 true constant exception-ext  true constant exception-ext
 true constant facility  true constant facility
 \ !! facility-ext  true constant facility-ext
 true constant file  true constant file
 true constant file-ext  true constant file-ext
 true constant floating  true constant floating
Line 83  true constant locals-ext Line 90  true constant locals-ext
 true constant memory-alloc  true constant memory-alloc
 true constant memory-alloc-ext  true constant memory-alloc-ext
 true constant tools  true constant tools
 \ !! tools-ext  true constant tools-ext
 true constant search-order  true constant search-order
 true constant search-order-ext  true constant search-order-ext
 true constant string  true constant string

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